So, you’re at UCL for EPSC 2013 and you need somewhere to, er, network. And maybe possibly with a beer.

Avoid the tourist traps with my all-time top 5 drinking holes within spitting distance of UCL, selflessly compiled by me. Hic.

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So, in reverse order:

5. The Jeremy Bentham

What can I say – it’s the nearest pub to UCL. You can sit outside, listening to the ambulances go by, but it’s south-facing so you can get sunburnt while you get beered. Arrive early (like 2 pm) if you don’t want to fight off PhD students moaning about their supervisors. Or vice versa. It’s basically close enough to grab a quick drink in between talks, and that’s good enough.

4. The Bree Louise

Hidden gem this one. One of the best selections of ales anywhere around here. Ok, it might seem a bit spit and sawdust, but the beers are outstanding and the pies are famous. Well, it’s an award-winning pub after all. This is a good place for an all-nighter (or afternooner).

3. Shaker and Company

Surprise entry here. A bit further than the others, being about a 10 minute walk up the busy Hampstead Road, but worth it if you fancy something different and need some hard liquor. It’s cocktail o’clock up here.

2. The Crown and Anchor

Ok, this is gastropub clone territory, but it figures pretty high on my list as it’s where my lab tends to hunker down. Actually, apart from Friday evening when it gets busy (only until 8 when people stumble for their trains back Oop North) it’s not bad at all. Very good selection of beers, and the food will see you through (although it still seems wrong to pay so much for a fish finger buttie). This is where the UCL kids in the know will be hanging out.

1. The Euston Tap

You have to go here. It’s tiny, cramped, and you’ll end up drinking in a bus station (but, I mean, WHO HASN’T!), but it’s brilliant. An unbelievable selection of beers from all over the shop, you’ll be an instant hipster even if you don’t have a beard and a fixie bike. Totally worth popping over in the afternoon or evening, even if it’s just before you head for a curry on Drummond Street. And don’t forget the Cider Tap on the other side of the bus station entrance. I’ve whiled away a good few hours here, imaging the grandeur that was once Euston Station.


Extra Bonus Pub!

Brew Dog – Camden

Come on, you’re in London, explore a little! Just a 10 minute bus ride from Warren Street, or a 20 minute walk from Euston, and you’ll be in another world. If you’ve never been to Camden, then you must go, you’ll love it. If you have been to Camden before, then it’s ok, you can hide from it all in this pub. Grab an early table, get a pint of Punk IPA and let it blow your head off. Your taste buds will thank you forever.