moulded earphones

A very quick and easy one this. I’ve spent way too much over the years on good earphones that quickly far apart. I use my aiaiai TMA-1’s (great sounds) whenever I can , but they’re a bit bulky to cram in my school bag everday, besides, I wouldn’t want to damage them trying. So I cobbled up some custom moulded earphones.

Wish list:

  • old set of earphones
  • packet of earplug goo

Just follow the instructions on the packet of ear goo, and cram it in your ears when mixed properly. Once you’ve got a good seal then you can (carefully) insert the earphones (with their rubber ends taken off) into the goo and smooth out the finish. Wait 10 minutes for the goo to set (it’ll bubble quite strangely in your ear), and then remove and leave to set fully for a few hours. I superglued the headphones into the now-set goo so that there are no embarrassing goo-stuck-in-your-ear moments.

the packet of goo, and donor earphones (shure somethings).


the finished product, looking exactly like blu-tac – unfortunate.


V2.0, this time in red to avoid the strange looks from people thinking i’ve got blu-tac in my ear.