magnetic spice rack

An easy one for my first project in the new flat. Spice jars seem to take up a lot of room for their individual small size, and normal spice racks are usually pretty rubbish-looking.

I quite liked the idea of magnetic spice racks, but balked at the idea of paying something like 40 quid for 8 jars. So I decided to make one myself, as it only involves a bit of super glue and a couple of screws.

Wish list:

  • sheet of magnetic metal
  • couple of wall screws
  • bunch of rare earth magnets
  • empty spice jars

In this case the sheet metal came from some scrap at work that I cut to size and drilled a couple of holes in that lined up with where there were already rawl plugs in the wall. I got the magnets online, unfortunately I didn’t record where from, but they were much much cheaper than anywhere else I could find on the high street. And in the end I ended up spending a small fortune on empty spice jars from habitat because, well, they looked nice.

Here is the underside of a couple of jars – the magnets are just superglued on, and as long as you don’t go lifting up a bin or something, they stay on just fine.

underside with magnets

And here’s the final thing attached to the wall. still need to get another six jars to complete the OCD collection.

filled up and ready to spice

The best thing about it? it makes a really satisfying “tunk” when the magnets grab the metal and the jars flies out of your hand.