magnetic spice rack

filled up and ready to spice

An easy one for my first project in the new flat. Spice jars seem to take up a lot of room for their individual small size, and normal spice racks are usually pretty rubbish-looking. I quite liked the idea of magnetic spice racks, but balked at the idea of paying something like 40 quid for […]

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moulded earphones

V2.0, this time in red to avoid the strange looks from people thinking i’ve got blu-tac in my ear.

A very quick and easy one this. I’ve spent way too much over the years on good earphones that quickly far apart. I use my aiaiai TMA-1’s (great sounds) whenever I can , but they’re a bit bulky to cram in my school bag everday, besides, I wouldn’t want to damage them trying. So I […]

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diddly bo

harmonic positions

I thought I might get back to basics with my guitar playing, and master at least one string. After listening to seasick steve, and seeing him get an awesome sound out of a single string lap guitar (diddly bo), I thought I’d give it a go. Wish list: piece of wood low e-string couple of […]

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