Spreading the Word
I’m passionate about engaging people with my research, and also with science in general.

I was a STEMNET ambassador, and still give regular talks to schools, amateur societies in London and the South-East. Please feel to get in touch for speaking or media opportunities.

I have also been an invited keynote speaker at events such as the British Science Festival and The Times Cheltenham Science Festival. I also gave regular educational tours and presentations of the RPIF at UCL.

I even tried my hand at a bit of science stand-up – next time I’ll need a bigger rocket.

Below is a list of some of my recent public engagement activities.

    • BBC, Sky at Night – Expert Guest
    • BBC, News – Interviewee
    • BBC, Wonders of the Solar System – Advisor
    • BBC, Wonders of the Universe – Advisor
    • National Geographic, A Traveler’s Guide to the Planets – Interviewee
    • MarsLive Phoenix Landing – Guest
Radio / Podcasts
  • Radio Cardiff, Pythagoras Trousers (web)
  • UCL News, Podcast – Interviewee
Recent Talks
    • Cheltenham Science Festival
    • British Science Festival (x2)
    • Royal Observatory Greenwich
    • Natural History Museum
    • Festival of Geology
    • British Space Conference
    • Newbury Astronomical Society
    • Astronomy Ireland
    • Pint of Science
    • Islington Space Festival
    • Geological Society of the Isle of Wight
    • Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society
    • West Sussex Geological Society
    • Hampstead Scientific Society
    • Harrow & Hillingdon Geological Society
    • Association of British Science Writers
    • “New Rover Will Reach Mars In 2018 And Drill Two Meters Below The Surface In Search Of Life”. IFL Science, 2 November, 2015 (web)
    • “ExoMars rover: Landing preference is for Oxia Planum”. BBC, 21 October, 2015 (web)
    • “10 Miles of Mars”. Pi Magazine, December 2013 (web)
    • “Supervolcanoes ripped up early Mars”. BBC, 2 October 2013. (web)
    • “Curiosity Rover finds water in Martian soil indicating a planetary ‘abundance'”. Wired.co.uk, 27 September 2013. (web)
    • “Nasa’s Curiosity rover finds water in Martian soil”. The Guardian, 27 September 2013. (web)
    • “From Star Wars to Mars via a load of old rocks”, Phys. Educ. 47 771,  2012. (web)
    • “Curiosity rover: after ‘beautiful’ test drive, Nasa sets sights on Glenelg”. The Guardian, 23 August 2012. (web)
    • “The Moon is shrinking, say scientists”. The Guardian, 19 August 2010. (web)
    • “Seeing through Lyell’s eyes”. Geoscientist, 19 (11), 6, November 2009. (pdf)
    • “Career File: Planetary Geologist”. Space UK , 27, 21, March 2009. (pdf)
    • “Mystery stone circles may point to water on Mars”. New Scientist, 2689 , 02/01/09. (web)
    • “Did a collision create Venus as we know it?”. New Scientist, 2644 , 26/02/08. (web)
    • “Will they ever walk on the moon?”. The Daily Telegraph, 05/09/06, p 31. (web)
    • “Searching for life on Mars: ESA narrows choice of ExoMars landing sites”. The Guardian, 15 December 2014 (web)
    • “Diverted landslides in Valles Marineris”. Planetary Geomorphology Image of the Month. November 2014 (web)
    • “Searching for life on Mars: where should the ExoMars rover land?”. The Guardian, 26 March 2014 (web)
    • “The Incredible Shrinking Moon”. MoonZoo blog, 6 September 2010. (web)
Research as Art
    • “10 Miles of Mars”. North Cloisters, UCL, 2013. (web)
    • “Another Way of Seeing : Contemporary Art responds to Planetary Science”. UCL, 2013. (web)
    • “Impact! – A Pop-up Exhibition”. The Rock Room, UCL, 2013. (web)
    • “Digital Fontiers”. Octagon Gallery, UCL. 2013. (web)
    • “Distant Vistas”. South Cloisters, UCL, 2011.
    • “Out of Sight”. North Cloisters, UCL, 2008. (web)
    • “Beyond Measure: Conversations across are and science”. Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 2008. (web)