A timeline of biking

Needs to be improved…

Suzuki GP 125

My first ever bike (not including those you ride at the fair when you’re little). Learnt on it, passed my test and then kept it for 3 years because I couldn’t afford anything capable of overtaking pedestrians. It was great – especially as you could pick it up to park it.

Bajaj Pulsar 180

Pottered around on one for an afternoon in India. It went ok when it could be bothered to go into gear. Notice the kickstart for when the electric start also couldn’t be bothered. Still fun though.

Suzuki GSF 600 bandit

My first and only big (well, biggish) bike. So after 4 years in the biking wilderness I finally saved enough to get a proper bike. I preferred unfaired bikes at the time (that changed after 200 miles on the motorway), and had a hard time finding a bandit that hadn’t been street-fightered up.

Yamaha FZS Fazer 1000

My Dad’sĀ old bike (it changes on a fairly regular basis). I think it looks like an angry bee. Went like the clappers, although my riding of it was restricted to the driveway only. Sigh.

Honda XRM 125

Does this even count as a motorbike? properly ragged one around the philippines for two days, two up, and definitely knew about it. Four gears and no clutch meant that it was, er, interesting.