My research is broadly concerned with understanding the evolution of the terrestrial planets and icy moons. Iā€™m interested in how geological processes have shaped the solid surfaces visible today, and in particular the role that water has played throughout the history of Mars.


  • The history of water on Mars

  • Fluvial geomorphology, sedimentology and geochemistry

  • Periglacial processes at high and low latitudes

  • Mechanical properties of hydrated minerals and salt-damaged rocks

  • Recent climate change

  • Stereo-derived DTM generation


The Moon

  • Characterisation of landing sites for future missions

  • MoonZoo: citizen science and crater age-dating

  • Change detection and surface monitoring


  • Corona-related volcanism

  • Small-scale volcanism and global resurfacing and heat flow

  • Upper crustal magmatic and tectonic processes at radially-fractured centres

  • Low mass and cost imaging drop probes for surface studies



Titan & Icy Moons

  • The internal structure and thermal evolution of Titan

  • Small-scale mud volcanism on TItan

  • Micro-penetrators for in-situ exploration of Europa